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Charles Dickens s The French Revolution - 1586 Words

â€Å"If the people do not have bread, let them eat cake† was one of the most famous lines that Marie Antoinette never said. This and many other false accusations helped make Queen Marie of France one of the most misjudged and disliked characters in history. France, prior to Marie’s reign, was in poor conditions from the debt caused by the American Revolution, cold harsh winters, and famine, all of which greatly affected the French, particularly the overtaxed and mistreated lower class. Already bitter about their life, the introduction of Marie into their lives helped catalyze the already forming French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, best known for her role as the queen of France during 1789, expresses her frivolous but determined personality in addition to the criticism she receives from all the social classes in France due to her contribution to the start of the French Revolution; in A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens uses her lavish lifestyle to contrast the atroci ous conditions of the poor caused by the nobility’s abuse of wealth and power and to criticize the peasants’ corrupt use of power even after the monarchy was overthrown. Marie Antoinette was the Austrian born queen of France who was married to the weak King Louis XVI and constantly faced challenges throughout her life and during the French Revolution of 1789. Marie-Antonia Josepha Joanna Von Osterreich-Lothringen was born on November 2, 1755 in Vienna, Austria to Maria Theresa and Holy Roman Emperor, France IShow MoreRelatedA Tale Of Two Cities And The French Revolution1006 Words   |  5 PagesFrance. Charles Dickens thought that if things did not change, then a violent revolution in England, similar to the French Revolution, was possible or in the future. In â€Å"A Tale of Two Cities†, Charles Dickens symbolizes the discord that the English and the French faced as he tears apart the two systems of their society. Charles Dickens, a brilliant author back in the 1850’s, wrote â€Å"A Tale of Two Cities† in order to describe the similarities between the forces that led to the revolution and theRead MoreTale Of Two Cities Analysis704 Words   |  3 PagesCharles Dickens, a brilliant author back in the 1850’s, wrote â€Å"A Tale of Two Cities† in order to describe the similarities between the forces that led to the revolution and the oppression and unrest occurring in England. The French revolution impacts history because the time period in which it takes place is before and during the French revolution. The French revolution signifies the essence of a rapid change, nevertheless, this change tore France right at the heart, where all the government wasRead More A Tale of Four Novels1596 Words   |  7 Pages Charles Dickens once stated, My faith in the people governing is, on the whole, infinitesimal; my faith in the people is, on the whole, illimitable.(Fido 102), this is certainly reflected in A tale of two cities, which is a historical novel written by Dickens that outlines the events of the French Revolution through the story of a French aristocrat named Charles Darnay. Darnay is a Parisian aristocrat that renounces his aristocracy in order to pursue a new life in London where he falls in loveRead MoreA Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens1024 Words   |  5 PagesCities, Charles Dickens writes, â€Å"every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other (14).† Throughout the novel, Dickens incorporates the theme of secrets to connect characters and add mystery to the story. The three characters with the significant secrets are Charles Darnay, Alexandre Manette, and Madame Defarge. Darnay, Manette, and Defarge are all of French blood, living in either France or England in the heat of the French Revolution. Charles Dickens choosesRead MoreA Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens987 Words   |  4 Pagesof Two cities. Dickens juxtapositions suspense and humor in a intricate tale of love and loyalty. The book takes place in the late 18th century, during the french revolution. the book is set in England and France, more specifically London and Paris. These are the two cities that the book centers around. In the city of London, the neighborhood of SoHo, and Paris, the french countryside, and city of Dover. b city houses, palace of Versailles. The house in Paris where the Darnay s stayed had a smallRead MoreA Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens1450 Words   |  6 PagesIn the classic, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens proves the vast effects of sacrifice on both society and personal lives. Whether the sacrifice derives from love or from a want for societal change, these sacrifices are crucial to the advancement of society and the improvement of one s daily life. PARAGRAPH 1 TOPIC SENTENCE:DERIVING FROM LOVE: Dickens demonstrates the everlasting effects of the sacrifices made for love through Madame Defarge, Mr. Lorry and Sydney Carton. Madame Defarge wasRead MoreAll Things Run Their Course1744 Words   |  7 Pagesbearer of the severed thread to death (- Greek Mythology). Charles Dickens manifests his belief in fate in the novel A Tale of Two Cities as an explanation for the inevitability of the French Revolution. The plot of A Tale of Two Cities revolves around the concept that the tension between social classes ineluctably causes the French Revolution. The first book Recalled to Life foreshadows the revolution and depicts the severe poverty of the french villagers. Dr. Manette, a Bastille prisoner of eighteenRead MoreTitle: A Tale Of Two Cities. This Is Significant Because1247 Words   |  5 Pagessignificant because A Tale of Two Cities tells the story of two cities - London and Paris. Author’s Name: Charles Dickens Life and Country of Origin: Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth, England. He grew up quite poor, despite his families best efforts, and it had a great impact on him. Which is quite similar to the oppression the French felt during the French Revolution. ( Setting: The story takes place in the cities of London and Paris from 1775-1792. ParisRead MoreA Tale Of Two Cities By Charles Dickens1124 Words   |  5 Pagesdirected exercise, incapable of his own help and his own happiness, sensible of the blight on him, and resigning himself to let it eat him away† (Dickens 92). A Tale of Two Cities, a novel by Charles Dickens, describes the â€Å"imprisonment of the whole French people within the walls of an unyielding social system.† During the time before the French Revolution, a person’s fate was determined by the family into which someone was born. No matter how hard someone worked to rise above this social status, itRead MoreTale Of Two Cities Violence Analysis1287 Words   |  6 Pagessociopolitical novel, A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens analyzes the events of one of the bloodiest revolutions in history, the French Revolution, characterized by its violence after no less than 40,000 people were sentenced to dea th. The violence of the uprising puts irreversible change into motion, helping to bring greater equality between French citizens as a result of the upheaval, and causing political changes that affect millions. Dickens examines the revolution through a focus on one family, the

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Eating Disorders A Struggle Women Face All Around The World

Niha Humayun WRC 1023 Professor Glasscock 11/06/15 Societies â€Å"Perfect Girl† Eating disorders are no secret in this generation; it is a struggle women face all around the world. However the problem is becoming increasingly more prevalent in America as time continues. People do not die from suicide; they die from sadness. According to the South Carolina Department of Mental Health one in two hundred American women suffer from anorexia and twenty percent of people suffering from anorexia will prematurely die from complications caused by their eating disorder commonly between the ages of twelve to twenty-five. No girl at such a young age should have such â€Å"thin† expectations of herself. Images of women in magazines as well as the toys children play with are responsible for these expectations from adolescence to adulthood. Barbie dolls give a false impression of beauty to young girls and even older women. Since 1959 (when Barbie was created) young girls are subject to the idea of tall, thin, and properly proportione d to be beautiful. The problem is Barbie’s proportions are physically unobtainable. According to Huffington Post, â€Å"if Barbie was an actual women she would be 5’9† tall, have a 39† bust, an 18† waist, 33 hips and a size 3 shoe†¦she likely would not menstruate... she d have to walk on all fours due to her proportions† (Gregoire 1). A real woman needs to be twenty-four inches taller, take 6 inches off her waste, and add 5 inches to her chest (Gregoire 1). Below is whatShow MoreRelatedEating Disorders1435 Words   |  6 PagesSilent Epidemic: Eating Disorders among College Women For Jennifer Keagan, high school was a thrill. She was one of the most popular girls in school. She was valedictorian, homecoming queen, student body president, an honor roll student, and the list goes on. She always strived for perfection. Life was easy for Jennifer. She always got what she wanted. Unfortunately, this all came to a halt when it was time for her to face an all new reality: college. Jennifer was no longer around her friends andRead MoreGender Inequality Around The World1437 Words   |  6 PagesGender Inequality Around the World In his book Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, Nicholas D. Kristof said, â€Å"In the nineteenth century, the central moral challenge was slavery. In the twentieth century, it was the battle against totalitarianism. We believe that in this century the paramount moral challenge will be the struggle for gender equality around the world†. Although women have made great strides in gaining equality, females around the world are not treatedRead MoreSocial Media s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week866 Words   |  4 Pagesthey’re all just numbers. Kenny walks into the gym and starts to lace up his sneakers. Looking around the gym, he sees several of his buddies benching 200+ pounds. Man, wish I could be that strong, he thinks to himself as he heads to the treadmill. Kenny’s a runner, always has been, always will be. When he looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see that his ribs are so prominent it looks like the skin’s going to give way. All he sees is fat and all he sees is numbers. It’s National Eating Disorder AwarenessRead MoreBeauty Is Only Skin Deep1270 Words   |  6 Pagessomething people crave, better yet to be gorgeous. Oh, to be gorgeous, it is something not all people want, but most. The natural beauty around the world is so diverse. In Asia, the woman is short and thin. In Brazil, the woman is brown and curvy with thick curly hair. In India, some women have tummies, but are mainly build with small curves that suit their average 5’5 height. There is beauty in this world no matter what. It is unfortunate how beauty standards in the U.S. are causing constant bodyRead MoreWomen s Self Esteem And Body Image Struggles1580 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States of America has always had this ideal of what the perfect women should look like in today’s world has this idea that being the perfect women is the most essential inquiry in today’s world. Photographers in the fashion industry spend hours and hours editing pictures, taki ng off beauty marks, shrinking curves, and taking away women’s flaws, changing their looks to the ideal body we all have in our minds, completely flawless. There’s this stereotype of the white perfect girl havingRead MoreAsian American And Eating Disorders Essay912 Words   |  4 Pagess and Eating Disorders Introduction When one thinks of the ideal physique and what it takes to achieve this, most simply go to diet modification and exercise. However when it comes to adolescents, the need to fit in is immediate and often time fast measures are taken to achieve what they consider as the perfect body. Adolescent culture is ever changing but when combined with home cultural views the stress that it can place on a teenager to conform can lead to development of disordered eating. ThereRead MoreComparision of Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy and Suicide Note by Janice Mirikitani1595 Words   |  7 Pagesboth about how two young women could no long take the pressures society placed upon them. Although the two poems have a very different tone, language, and structure the same underlying theme exists. In both poems the girls struggle to be perfect and to conform to the desires of others. Both women in the poems ultimately commit suicide because they can no longer live with the criticism and lack of acceptance t hat they face. These two young women represent a whole world of young females and malesRead MoreAdolescence, Body And Mind, Section Puberty1735 Words   |  7 Pagesthey transition from children to young adults, incapable of completely just one or the other (Berger, 315). The first changes of puberty, physically-wise, begins around the ages of 9 – 13 years’ old for both boys and girls, which include facial and body hair, deepening of the voice, and of course body growth; such as the hands, feet, face, and private parts. Although genetics do play a role of the timing of these body changes, environmental, emotional, and cultural factors can also affect the timeRead MoreEffects Of Social Media On Female Body Image1717 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"When all you see is a body type that only two percent of the population has, it’s difficult to remember what’s real and what’s reasonable to expect of yourself and everyone else.† This was stated by A rielle Cutler, who studied the recent effects social media has on the female body image. Not only has media made women feel insecure about their bodies but it pinpoints exactly what bothers them. It could be weight, skin problems, height, and even a clothing style. The media sends subliminal messagesRead MoreSociety has Unrealistic Image of Woman in Article, Fat Is a Feminist Issue†, by Susie OrBach786 Words   |  4 PagesFeminist Issue†, by Susie OrBach focuses on how our society puts this unrealistic image of what women should look like into everyone’s heads. The media and magazines urge women to conform, at any cost, into a constantly changing expectation of what is beautiful. Women are taught to look at themselves from an outside view, to be a sex image for men and fuel the diet and fashion industries. Society thinks if women do not fit within the unrealistic image something is wrong with them. The highly glorified

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The Molding Hand of Oppression Forming an Identity in Persepolis Free Essays

Ruby Instructor Bachman Writing Across the Arts (Porter 80A-21) 2 November 2012 (1278 words) The Molding Hand of Oppression: Forming an Identity in Persepolis Every person is unique. However, there are many similar parts that go into creating every person’s identity. Of course, there is the biology, the genetics. We will write a custom essay sample on The Molding Hand of Oppression: Forming an Identity in Persepolis or any similar topic only for you Order Now Then there are outside forces, the nurturing of a person. When trying to form an identity, there are numerous outside factors that contribute, such as gender, culture, and environment. For Marji, the protagonist of the Persepolis series, being an Iranian woman is absolutely a factor that featured prominently in the shaping of her personality. She was not allowed to experiment with her identity by her clothing or style, because the government controlled what women were allowed to wear. She had to have some sort of connection with religion, because the government forced the religion upon its subjects. She also experienced hardships, like the death of family members, because of war against the tyrannical government. Growing up under the oppressive hand of the Iranian government has formed Marji’s strong identity. Clothing, a big form of self-expression, was predetermined for Marji, so that she had a few options of how to proceed. The first thing Marji introduces in the story is the veil, which is a headscarf that women are required to wear for public decency. Marji does not like the veil since she does not understand why she has to wear it. When Marji is young, she says, â€Å"I really didn’t know what to think about the veil, deep down I was very religious† (Persepolis 1, 7). Since she is so young, she is unaware of the real point of the veil. It is forced on because the government wants to hide the potential power women have. Later, Marji finds out that the restricted clothing has constrained her freedom by not allowing her to express a part of her individuality. After her parents come back from a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, she gets gifts such as 1983 Nike Shoes, a denim jacket, a Michael Jackson button, and posters. She puts on her new shoes and her new jacket with the new button on it to go out and buy some music tapes. However, the guardians of the revolution, the women’s branch who arrest women who are improperly veiled, catch Marji. She luckily gets away. Through this experience, she realizes that she does not even have a minimal amount of freedom to show her individuality as a rebel. Clothing allows people to express their individuality, but forcing women to wear the veil not only prevents women from showing their own personality but also eliminates their freedom. If a woman wears a veil, then all the women will look just the same, and there is no opportunity for individuality there. Marji travels to Europe, and while there, she is finally able to express herself and experiment with her personality. When Marji becomes sixteen, she tries new stuff, coating her hair with gel, adding a thick line of eyeliner, and using safety pins as earrings (Persepolis 2, 36). As you see in the panels, she experiments with her hairstyles, which would not even be seen under the oppressive Iranian regime. Each new style is in a completely separate panel, showing the time passing between each event (McCloud 101). It takes time to develop an identity. She is allowed to express herself in Europe, and because of this, she is able to develop her personality in a way that she could not have been able to if she had been back in Iran. The government keeps Iranian women on a tight leash, so the lack of expression through clothing that Marji experiences in Iran, and the amount of expression she experiments with outside of her country, helped her develop as a person. Iran has a very strong connection between religion and state, which is reflected in Marji’s spirituality. Marji says herself that she was born with a religion, and she believes her path is to be a prophet. Religion becomes a part of her character. Because she wants to be a prophet when she is ten, God sometimes appears and becomes her companion. Whenever Marji is having a personal conflict, God appears to help her work through it. For example, Marji takes a long bath in the water tub to feel like to be in a cell filled with water, when God appears to her. She is trying to experience what it feels like to be tortured, like her captured relatives and countrymen. God just randomly appears to her to ask, â€Å"What are you doing? † (Persepolis 1, 25). In that panel, The main color is white. White is a color like purity and spirituality, which makes sense, because God is in it. However, in the next panel, the background is entirely black. This panel does not have God in it. Instead, it is just Marji almost connecting to the pains of her grandfather. So the simplicity of the black background helps show the beginning of her internal conflict (McCloud 192). Marji is learning about how cruel the government truly is, and even God cannot help her understand why. Because Iran was very connected to religion, she always has a spirituality about her. The government forced a certain religion on Marji. Even though she did not always believe in that religion, she was still shaped by her conversations with God. Even though God doesn’t appear later on, believing in a religion as a child was able to lay the foundation for a spirituality that would last her the rest of her life. Living through war is very difficult. Because of war, many of Marji’s families and her neighbors met death. Satrapi’s graphic style, which is mainly composed of black and white, depicts violent moments with a simple description. For instance, when Satrapi depicts the bombing of her neighbors, the black and white frames, along with the gutters, portrays how terrified Marji feels (Persepolis 1, 142). For example, there is a panel where Marji is covering her eyes. Then it cuts to a panel that is just completely black. It shows just how emotional the scene is (McCloud 150). Because Satrapi’s style is so simple, drawing the character to explain the horrible emotions would be out of style. It is much more expressive just to keep the panel completely black. Since those dreadful incidents happened to her when she was young, she grew up as a strong-hearted and caring Iranian who knew the difficulties of war and came out stronger for it. Even though she disagrees with the lack of freedoms in her country, she is very proud to be an Iranian woman. She actually says this when some students were talking at a restaurant and were not respecting her. She stood up and said to them, â€Å"You are going to shut up or I am going to make you! I AM IRANIAN AND PROUD OF IT† (Persepolis 2, 43). The war and demonstrations due to the revolution has built her a strong identity as an Iranian. Marji is definitely shaped by her outside environment. The fact that she is Iranian during such difficult times is absolutely a big environmental factor. Not being able to wear whatever she wants limits her self-expression, so she has to work around that. The government forces a religion on her. She is also thrown into the middle of a war. All of these things should limit how her identity grows. But despite all the obstacles that being Iranian created for her, in the end, she still has a very strong connection with her Iranian culture. She obviously connects as an Iranian woman. Her own culture suppresses her, and in doing so, makes her stronger. Works Cited Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood. New York: Pantheon, 2003. Print. Satrapi, Marjane. Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return. New York: Pantheon, 2004. Print. McCloud, Scott. Understanding Comics. Northampton, MA: Kitchen Sink, 1993. Print. How to cite The Molding Hand of Oppression: Forming an Identity in Persepolis, Essay examples

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Jails and Prisons free essay sample

Many people hear the words prison and or jail, and they believe that both are one in the same but in reality they are very much different. Jails are correctional facilities that house offenders before or after they are sentenced for their crimes committed. Those individuals that are confined in jails are: * Individuals pending arraignment and awaiting trial, conviction, or sentencing * Probation, parole, and bail bond violators and absconders (Seiter,2011 pg 71) There are many different other reasons jails house inmates. Jails are full service facilities that offer security, food service, medical care, and offender programs and are therefore different from lockups, which are commonly located in police stations and hold people only for a short period of time, usually no more than forty-eight hours. †(Seitter, 2011) Sheriff’s and local governments oversee the day to day operation of jails and there are different jails such as the regional jail which were created because th e basic operations of jails were becoming complicated for small counties and the need for funding to continue operations. We will write a custom essay sample on Jails and Prisons or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There are about 3,600 jails in the United States. â€Å"The size of the jail population is a product of decisions made by various law enforcement entities that the jail serves, the courts, and other segments of the criminal justice system. The size of the jail population is also affected by local, state, and federal laws; crime rates; and public attitudes about crime. †(nicic. gov) The length of stay and those admitted to jails are quite different from prisons. There have been almost 9 to 11 admissions to jail and the average length of stay is 15 to twenty days. Sometimes a person stays longer if they are still fighting a case thus pushing out their court dates which extends their stay provided they cannot afford bail. â€Å"During 2003, 686,437 inmates were admitted to state and federal prisons, 656,320 inmates were released, and the average length of stay for released inmates was 36 months. The jail system booking and release procedures are on a constant whirlwind with bail bonds and so forth. There are different jails as well such as state jails and county jails. In state jails an inmate can spend no more than two years maximum. Prisons Prisons are run by state governments and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. There are only about 100 federal prisons, detention centers, and correctional institutions in the U. S. Prisons were created to house inmates that are serving a sentence of one year or more that are convicted of crimes. Prisons offer more to inmates such as work programs, Halfway houses and other educational programs that could possibly benefit the offender. These sorts of incentives are not offered in jails because inmates are usually serving shorter sentences. There are different facilities such as BOP operated prisons, long term contract facilities and jails/short term facilities. Many offenders in prison are set in place by their security levels. Some are deemed as low risk, medium risk or high risk offenders which determine where they are housed. The prison budget has been over exceeded with the operations and also building more prisons to prevent overcrowding. Corrections is the fifth-largest area of state spending after Medicaid, secondary education, higher education and transportation. State spending on prisons has swelled as the nation’s jail and prison population has climbed to 2. 3 million people, or about one in every 100 adults. But grim budget realities are forcing state lawmakers’ hand. †(pewtrusts. org) There is a difference in jails and prisons as well as how they are operated. Prisons house offenders that have been convicted of crimes whereas jails house those awaiting trial as well as those serving shorter sentences. Prisons and jails have come a long way and there will be more changes to come with the world’s crime rate as it is. References At Least 23 States Cut Funding for Prisons This Year, August 11, 2009 The Pew Charitable Trusts http://www. pewtrusts. org/our_work_report_detail. aspx? id=54481 Corrections: An Introduction; Richard P. Seiter 3rd edition 2011 Upper Saddle River New York Jail Resource Issues What Every Funding Authority Need to Know, Gary M. Bowker February 2002 http://static. nicic. gov/Library/017372. pdf Jails and Prisons free essay sample The four types of prisons are women’s, maximum, medium, and low security. Women’s prisons in our country are very different in some aspects as the male’s prisons. Women have greater needs than men do. They have to adjust to their needs, whether it is pregnancy, or the emotional needs of the woman. Maximum Security prison is a massive building with large inmate population. They offer tight security, high fences, thick walls, and secure cells. They are very closely monitored concerning every moment they are incarcerated there. (Schmalleger, 2011)Medium security prisons are permitted more freedom generally than the maximum security prisoners. They receive more privileges such as they can go to the prison yard, exercise room, and the library. They still strict security but they have more freedom. (Schmalleger, 2011) Minimum security prisons offer a number of programs for the prisoners. They offer services to help rehabilitate the prisoners. The primary force behind the minimum security is the prisoners’ own restraint. We will write a custom essay sample on Jails and Prisons or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They are there because of their behavior and they have the choice to stay there and do well or get transferred to another level based on their behavior. (Schmalleger, 2011) These types of prisons are also classified as federal, state, women, and private prison’s. Even though every one of these institutions is different they are all there for the same reason. Prisons are made to house the most violent to the first time offenders. The concept of the institutions is to provide safety to the communities from these offenders. To keep control and keep them housed in a facility to spend out their sentence. (Schmalleger, 2011) Jail plays a very important role in our criminal justice system. Before an inmate gets sentenced to prison, they are often watched in jail to see how they react with others. Based on how they act in jail usually decides what kind of prisoner they will become. Jail is also used in our system for those spending less than a year in jail, to keep down overcrowding of prisons. They house individuals pending arraignment, readmit probation or parole, temporarily houses juveniles, the mentally ill, and bail bond violators. They also hold individuals for the military, they transfer inmates to their designated facility, and they also operate community-based programs. In conclusion all of the prisons and jails in our country work together like a fine oiled machine. They work together to ensure that an inmate gets from one place to another. They also work together to ensure the inmate remains safe and that the public is safe from the offenders.

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Stephen king the body essay free essay sample

In the Novel the body by Stephen king The Character Gordie Lachance is a very girfted kid. Gordie is very creative having the ability to create stories for his friends and he also like writing stories. Gordie is also has good teamwork skills being able to act efficient in a group of people. Gordie was also neglected but he still managed to be successful. One of Gordies character traits is creativity, Gordie has a talent for writing stories in the novel Chris and Gordie had a talk. Chris was telling Gordie dont let your friends drag you down he was referring to Gordies talent of wring stories. In the novel you also read a couple of Gordies stories stud city and the revenge of lard ass. Stud city was very creative a lot of story and very original it is like nothing I have ever read before. The revenge of Lard ass was a creative storyline and had good humor. We will write a custom essay sample on Stephen king the body essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Gordie has a talent for writing stories even at the end of the novel it says how Gordie is a author and a lot of his writings get made into movies. His novel Lard ass was also featured I the movie stand by me by Rob Reiner. Stand by me also noticed Godies creativity it had a scene were Denny Gordies older brother was trying to tell his arents how good Gordies story was and how much he enjoyed it. In conclusion Gordie is very creative and has a talent for writing interesting stories he becomes very successful in life because of creativity. Gordie also has good teamwork skills he was able to successfully travel to the body with his friends and get it back so they could report it. Gordie had to go through a lot of conflicts to get to the body. One of their first conflicts was when they started heading to the body then they realized they did not bring any food. Gordie and the rest of the boys resolved this conflict in a good manor a coin flip. Gordie says odd man goes then the boys proceeded to do a coin flip gordie was the odd man out and he didnt complain about having to go get the food. Anyone with out team work skills would have complained about having to walk all the way there to get food for everyone but Gordie Just went to the store. Gordie was also in the showdown with Ace when he wanted to take the body. Goride did not run away like Vern and Teddy he stayed with Chris until the conflict with the body was resolved. Gordie has shown teamwork skills in the body being able to travel to the body and get home safe with Ray Brower. Another Character trait for Gordie is neglected. His parents dont pay attention to him mostly because his older brother Denny died in a car crash. In the body Godie says Id been like the invisible boy all summer. So he doesnt get attention from his parents they neglect him because there still in shock their football star son is dead. Gordie also says it had seemed to take all the heart out of my parents. His parents have not been the same since Denny died even when he was there Denny still got novel when Gordie came home from his Journey to find Ray brower, he sat down in itchen to make himself food his mom said where have you been gordie then said camping then she drifted off to the sink talking about how she missed Denny. Gordie had was neglected by his parents they Just missed Denny. In conclusion Gordie is very creative being able to make up stories then write books about them and turn them into movies. He has great teamwork skills being able to work efficiently in a team. Gordie is also neglected not getting any attention from his parents. The body of Ray Brower Monday,November 10th ENG-3C-01 Mr. Cassidy King,Stephen. Thebody. Differentseasons. Newyork;signet. 1982. 293-436. printedvolume

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buy custom Written Assignment essay

buy custom Written Assignment essay Introduction A multi-ethnic individual is a person who is able to have more than one language and cultural practices. It is possible for a multi-ethnic individual to cope with the influences of culture since what is required is flexibility. If one understands a language it is easy to adopt other practices. In America there are many ethnic groups e.g. Muslims are the most diverse group in America. Multi-ethnic individuals can form groups according to similarities in language and cultural practices. This can unite them and be able to negotiate from the other influences. Currently in America according to the statistics taken shows that Obama and democrats ethnic group is the fastest growing in America this is due to unity and development of cohesion among them. During elections and voting multi-ethnic individuals can vote for readers who will favor them. In the religious field negotiation can be formed where the multi-ethnic individuals understand the other language. Religious groups can be formed and try to come up with their own religious leaders which mightinfluence the larger ethnic community. But in places such as schools and work places a multi-ethnic individual must learn to use the majority language and cultural practices for effective and efficient communication since such places includes all kinds of people. A multi-ethnic individual can engage into businesses with the major ethnic community and as well invest together. This will create negotiation and positive influence on traditions and other perspectives. In this area racial identity might not be influenced since it can not be transferred. No one can change to white identity completely; this allows the racial identity to be expressed purely. Cross-cultural factors like music a multi-ethnic individual can learn them with time since they occur at rare occasions and nowhere are they applicable officially. They only require orientation and practice. Through this negotiation and cultural influence will have taken place. Cross-cultural activity such as films requires attending cinemas and night clubs regularly. The use of media sources i.e. radio and television will allow influencee and change in the type of films to watch and since the language is understandable it will automatically call for interest and gradually one changes. Amulti-ethnic individual can as well change to the type of food taken although this can take time since it can not be forced. This can involve attending to restaurants and ordering common foods and sometimes request to the chefs to make foods of their choice that are closer to their tradition foods. Individuals can as well buy items and make their own foods at their home places. In the area of music multi-ethnic individuals can listen to the radio and TV programmes and be able to cope to these changes. In conclusion holidays such as gathering the language and tradition to display should be one which was original because the family members will be comfortable with that since its natural and not learned. Since they are all family members they share a common mother tongue and traditional practices which are familiar to all. This will automatically make the occasion lively and enjoyable. Buy custom Written Assignment essay

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Marks & Spencer plc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Marks & Spencer plc - Essay Example The management of the company may want to contemplate a change of strategy, for example by reducing its current liabilities, to avoid landing into financial problems. The ratio has declined from 0.74 in 2011 to 0.73 in 2012, which could be attributable to leaner working capital cycle or deteriorating liquidity position (Bodie, Alex, and Alan, 2004; Damodaran, 2002). 2011 2012 Industry Current Asset 1,641.7 1,460.1 Current Liabilities 2,210.2 2,005.4 0.74 0.73 1.44 Quick ratio Quick ratio = [cash and equivalents + short-term investments + accounts receivable]/current liabilities 2011 2012 Industry Cash and equivalents 470.2 196.1 Short-term investments 18.4 67.0 Accounts receivable 250.3 253.0 Total Current liabilities 2,210.2 2,005.4 Quick ratio 0.334 0.257 0.82 Unlike the current ratio, this ratio is more conservative because it does not include inventory from the current assets. This ratio further shows that Mark & Spenser is likely to have problems meeting its short-term obligatio ns with its most liquid assets, especially considering the ratio is significantly below the industry average (M&S, 2012; Weston, 1990; Houston and Brigham, 2009). Leverage against KPI As discussed, the company’s leverage is unfavourable, but with the continuing efforts to build the company to become more focussed, with the sales expected to increase by 5.8% by 2013, the increased revenue can be used to offset the excessive shot-term debt. This will lead into a more balanced liquidity position, hence freeing the company from the risk of bankruptcy (Weygandt et al., 1996; HayGroup, 2006). Solvency ratio Solvency Ratio = [After Tax Net Profit + Depreciation]/ [Long Term Labialise + Short-Term Liabilities] 2011 ?m 2012 ?m After Tax Net Profit 782.7 371.4 Depreciation 467.5 479.7 Total 1250.2 851.1 Long-Term Liabilities 2,456.5 2,489.1 Short-Term Liabilities 2,210.2 2,005.4 Total 4,666.70 4,494.50 Solvency Ratio 0.27 0.19 Solvency is used to measure the companyâ⠂¬â„¢s ability to meet its long-term obligations. In other words, it measure’s the ability of the company to go on with meeting its debt requirements. The solvency ratio of 2011 was financially healthy, but that of 2013 was not healthy because as a general rule of thumb a ratio that is greater than 20% is considered financially healthy. It is discouraging to note that the company’s solvency ratio is dropping because this could expose the company to a situation of defaulting on its debt obligations (Gates, 2002). Debt to equity ratio Debt to equity ratio = Total debt/ [Owner’s Equity] 2012 2011 Industry Total debt 2,778.8 2,677.4 Owner’s equity 4,494.5 4,666.7 Debt to equity ratio 61.8 57.3 42.35 The debt-to-equity ratio indicates the degree of financial leverage that the company is using to improve its profitability. This ratio has increased to 61.8 from 57.3 in 2011, which may imply that the management should restrain use of additional increases in debt caused by purchases of fixed assets or inventory. The